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Hotel Payment Gateway Processor

Hotel Credit Card Processor is now available as a payment processor, in addition to Stripe and PayPal. is one of the world’s leading payment processors. Backed by Visa, it is available to hotels based in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.


To connect with your account, go to ‘Settings > Payment Gateway’ in your Bellebnb Front Desk. If you already have another payment processor connected and want to switch to use, you will first need to disable your Payment Gateway. To do this, click ‘Disable’ at the bottom right of the window. is now available as a Hotel payment processor. Hotel PMS Software

From the dropdown menu, select ‘’ for the ‘Processor’. To connect, you will need API credentials from your account. To retrieve your credentials, log in to your account and go to ‘Account > Settings’ (left menu), then click ‘API Credentials & Keys’ under ‘Security Settings.’ Follow the instructions to generate your API credentials.

Hotel PMS Software is now available as a Hotel payment processor.

Once you have done that, enter your API Login ID and Transaction Key in Bellebnb to activate the payment processor.

Test Your Connection

Now that you have established a connection to your account, you should do a test payment with one of your own credit cards. Just create a test booking in your Front Desk, then click to process a payment. Enter your credit card details and submit. You don’t have to use the full amount of the booking—you can process a small payment of just $1.

how To establish a connection to your account Hotel PMS Software

Check that the transaction goes through without any error, then check that it appears in your account. You can search by the transaction Id that shows up with the transaction confirmation in the ‘Payments’ section for this booking (under the ‘Invoice’ tab). Check that the transaction goes through without any error, then check that it appears in your accoun Hotel PMS Software


Before you connect to you should be familiar with their payment workflow. Once you make the connection to your Bellebnb account, don’t forget to test a live payment using one of your own credit cards to make sure the connection was done correctly.

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