Hotel Channel Manager GDS Global Distribution System, OTA Online Travel Agents Your room prices and inventory are automatically kept up-to-date on every sales channel. Bookings arrive directly in your Front Desk calendar.

PMS Bellebnb Hotel Ready to Take Reservations.

Offer your room service menu, allow your guests to instant message the front desk, and collect staff reviews, all from your website.

Room Service

Offer your room service menu through your booking engine. Your guests can view and order items as soon as they check in.


Gguests can talk directly with the front desk without having to pick up the phone. Messages appear in your Booking Calendar.


Allow your staff and facilities to be reviewed by guests after check out. You can enable staff members for review on a case-by case basis.

Schedule a Guided Tour

A guided tour is the best way to get started with our platform. Our team can take you through the whole process in less than 20 minutes.