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Hotel Front Desk Software

Cloud-based Hotel Front Desk Reservations Calendar Drag and Drop Property Management System (PMS) with complete staff metrics and unlimited guest document storage.

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Hotel Front Desk Booking Reservation Calendar drag and drop

The PMS coordinates your front desk operations, housekeeping, booking engine, guest services, and distribution channels through a single sign-on cloud interface that works from any desktop or mobile browser. There’s nothing to install or update.

All-in-one Hotel PMS Front Desk drag & drop System

Drag and Drop Hotel Reservations Calendar

Drag and Drop Hotel Reservations Calendar with Smart Reservations

Click and drag anywhere in your calendar to make a reservation, or move and resize your bookings directly in your calendar to reschedule. View rates & availability for any period and book a room with as much or as little information as you like. Your inventory is automatically kept up to date everywhere.

Group & Multi-Property Hotel Management

Group Hotel Management | Group Resort Management | Group b&b Management | Multi-Property | Multi-location | Multi-User | Multi-Currency | Multi-Language

Manage all your properties from one account. Each location gets its own booking engine, channel manager, payment gateway, etc. Spread your rooms over as many locations you like at no additional cost.

Advanced Hotel Rate Plans

Hotel Room Rate Plans | Hotel Room Pricing Specials | Hotel Revenue Management

Create Hotel rooms pricing specials to improve booking potential for the slow months and maximize revenue during the busy season. Rate plan, promotional codes, custom packaging and Pricing specials can be created per room or hotel-wide. Your inventory is automatically updated across your full set of premium OTAs through the channel manager.

Powerful Hotel Reservation Management

Simple and Powerful Hotel Reservation Management

Our Front Desk Manager makes it easy for you to manage your bookings. Process deposits, reschedule, and add items to a booking, all from one simple interface. Our platform is always a step ahead, helping you to take the right actions at every step of the process, from booking to check-out.

Role based authentication

Hotel Staff member permissions

Add staff members to your account to manage front desk, kitchen, and maintenance operations. Staff members have limited permissions, and can be assigned to manage as many locations as you like. There is no additional fee for adding staff to your account.

Staff metrics & analytics

Hotel Staff member stats, metrics & analytics

Each time a staff member creates a booking, completes a check-in/checkout, delivers a room service order, or prepares a room, their profile will be updated, giving the hotel owner/manager a complete picture of their performance stats.

Simple guest management

Streamline Powerful Hotel guest management

You don't need to re-enter any information or scan ID documents for returning guests. New booking data gets added to their existing profile. Any bookings that come in through an exterior channel, like your booking engine, will be matched against existing guests to avoid duplicating information.

Guest ID Documents Stored in the Cloud

Hotel Guest Registration, Guest ID Documents Stored in the Cloud | Hotel Guest ID Documents in the Cloud | Hotel Guest profile with photo

Hotel Guest Registration, Guest ID Documents Stored in the Cloud Build guest profiles, complete with ID/passport photo. Just take a picture with any smartphone and drop into your browser. ID documents are stored safely in the cloud and available from anywhere.

How to upload a Guest Passport →

Hotel Booking Confirmation Customizable

Hotel Booking Confirmation Customizable HTML Emails

Booking Confirmation Customizable. Create custom emails for your daily hotel activities. You can create a custom message for new reservations, check-outs, and cancellations. Edit your messages in HTML to send out automatically as part of your bookings flow.

Smart Front Desk Calendar Notifications

Smart Hotel Front Desk Calendar Notifications, Hotel Front Desk Booking Notifications

Your calendar will notify you of any late arrivals, overstays and any other bookings that need to be reviewed by your staff. Cancel or reschedule any bookings before they become an issue.

Housekeeping Complete stats

hotel Housekeeping Complete stats | Complete Hotel maintenance stats

Rooms are marked for preparation after guests complete checkout. Your Housekeeping staff can leave a note on the state of the room after it has been prepared (e.g., missing towels, minibar usage), leaving the hotel owner a complete picture of when the room was prepared and by whom, and how each guest left the room.

Finances at a Glance

Hotel Analytics Reports | Hotel Finances at a Glance | Hotel Revenue Management analytics

Run reports on everything, then export to your favorite spreadsheet platform in Microsoft Office or Google Docs, or hand over to your accounting department to be imported into Quickbooks.

Dark Mode / Night Shift

Dark Mode / Night Shift | How to enable Hotel PMS in dark mode

If your property runs 24 hours, the after hours can be difficult on your eyes. It’s dark all around, but your computer monitor is blaring bright white. Just doing a check-in can be a shock to the system. With the click of a button, you can now switch over to the Dark Mode / Night Shift on our PMS! The entire app switches over to soothing dark tones to save your eyes the extra work.

We Provide End-to-end Hotel Management

We provide a complete hotel management solution through a smart, flexible PMS, distribution channel manager, commission-free booking engine, secure payment gateway, and a cloud concierge service. Manage your hotel with a single, all-in-one application suite.

Accept Hotel Bookings and Hotel Reservations from any device in real time.

Accept Hotel Bookings & Reservations from any device in real time.

Manage your hotel operations in the cloud.

Manage your hotel operations in the cloud.

We're here to help 24/7 via phone, email & IM.

We're here to help 24/7 via phone, email & IM.

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