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How To Search for Hotel Guest?

You can search by partial last names, you just need to enter at least 3 characters. So for example, you can search for guests with last name ‘Lee’ but not ‘Le’. Note that the universal search in the left hand menu will search both guests and bookings. Guests are unique in across all your properties. When a guest books, the system tries to match to an existing guest and makes suggestions. You can either merge or register as a new guest. You can see for yourself by making two bookings via your Booking Engine, one with a guest named ‘John Lee’ and a second booking for a guest named ‘Jake Lee’. To be sure, first register a guest directly via the Front Desk named ‘Ang Lee’ and it should try to match those two bookings to the guest ‘Ang Lee’ and to each other. You can enter notes and Id document photo for guests in their profile. You can write down in the notes if they caused trouble during their last stay (stolen towels, broken equipment, etc).

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