Why Can’t I Check-In My Booking?

There are three reasons why you may not be able to complete check-in:

  1. The check-in date has not arrived yet.
  2. There are missing guests.
  3. There are unconfirmed guests.

You can only complete check-in for a reservation on or after 12am on the date indicated in the booking. The exact date and time is relative to the Timezone set for each hotel in your account. So, for example, a hotel in Paris will not be able to complete check-in until 6am if the Timezone is incorrectly set as Eastern US (New York). The hotel must set their Timezone to Central European (UTC+1) for this to work correctly. Be sure to set the Timezone for your hotel correctly under ‘Settings > Dashboard.’

Check-in cannot be completed until all the guests indicated in the reservation have been registered and added to the room. Since the price for a reservation may depend on the number of guests in the room, no new guests may be added or removed after check-in, so all guests must be added before a reservation can be checked in.

Any guests that were registered through an exterior channel (your Booking Engine, Airbnb, etc) must be confirmed as new guests or merged with an existing guest profile to avoid duplicates. Check-in will not be allowed until any unconfirmed guests have been reviewed and confirmed by the hotel staff.

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