How do I process an OTA payment?

Bookings made through TripAdvisor will include payment data, when it’s available. You can process the payment directly, according to your payment terms set for this channel in your TripAdvisor settings.

If your property is connected to your remaining sales channels via MyAllocator, you will receive whatever payment data is available with each booking. The payment details are included in the reservation's details.

If your property is connected to your remaining channels via HotelRunner, payment data sent by each channel is available in your HotelRunner portal. Just click the channel source name under ‘Booking Summary’ in the reservation details to view additional payment data available on HotelRunner.

In any case, if the channel sends you payment data, you can process payments for each reservation according to your terms on each given channel. For example, your terms on TripAdvisor may be to charge the guests card when you receive the reservation.

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