How do I set seasonal room prices?

Go to ‘My Hotel > Set Pricing.’ Select the room type and navigate to the month/year for which you would like to set prices. Here you can set the price per day for each room type. Any rate plan adjustments/discounts will be applied to the prices you set in this calendar.

To set pricing for TripAdvisor, go to ‘Channel Manager > OTA Connections.’ Go to your TripAdvisor Settings and click the ‘Pricing Tab’ to set price per day, as above.

From ‘Channel Manager > OTA Connections’ you can set the pricing for your additional channels, like, by selecting your allocator (HotelRunner or MyAllocator) and then click the ‘Pricing’ tab. For MyAllocator you can set prices by room type, date, and channel. For HotelRunner you can set prices by room type, rate plan, date, and channel. For each of these you can publish to multiple channels by selecting ‘Bulk Update.’

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